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A New Airstream Hotel Has Popped Up At Nagambie’s Mitchelton Hotel

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Nagambie’s Mitchelton Wines will be home to a an Airstream Hotel this coming summer.

With regional Victoria open to city travellers once again, there are so many different spots worth your time over the warmer months, and Nagambie should be high on our list.

Mitchelton will have seven Airstreams on offer, all year round. The full-sized Airstream caravans are just a short stroll to Mitchelton Hotel, and feature their own deck area with furniture, along with a barbecue.

Mitchelton Estate's Airstream RV Hotel.

“Mitchelton isn’t just a winery—we have an incredible Estate in the heart of the Nagambie region which is ripe for exploring. The Mitchelton Airstream Hotel can help do just that—take our guests into the heart of nature for an experience like no other.” said Mitchelton Hotel General Manager, Martin Garrett.

Guests staying in the Airstreams will also have full access to everything on offer at the estate, including the Gallery of Aboriginal Art, Australia’s largest commercial gallery dedicated to indigenous art, and features some of the largest works produced by some of Australia’s most revered Indigenous artists.

About Nagambie:

Nagambie/nəˈɡæmbi/[2] is a town in Victoria, Australia. The city is on the Goulburn Valley Highway north of Seymour and in the Shire of Strathbogie. At the 2016 census, Nagambie had a population of 1,886.

The Post Office opened on 2 May 1870,[4] it was proclaimed as the private town of “Nagambie” in 1872,[3] and the Nagambie railway station was opened in 1880.[5] It is now served by V/Line on the Shepparton Line to Melbourne.

Nagambie sits on the shores of Lake Nagambie, an artificial lake created by the Goulburn Weir in 1891, where rowing regattas and waterskiing tournaments are held.[citation needed]The town holds the Australian Rowing Championships semi-regularly.

via Wikipedia.

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