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The U.S Just Caught Wind Of That Big Cow

by Ben Tyers

Great news across the world this morning as Knickers the cow became front page news once again.

Knickers’ story is not exactly new, the ABC reported on Knickers back in October, and The Project did the same. But having been picked up by Deadspin, and Mashable in the U.S this morning, Knickers story is back where it should beat the top of your feed.

For the uninitiated, Knickers (the big, big cow) was born in Western Australia and is “is almost as tall as NBA star Michael Jordan and weighs more than a Mini Cooper car at about 1,400 kilograms”. Which as it turns out, is more than double the weight of your standard garden variety Holstein Friesian, and half a metre taller.

Thankfully Knickers was too big for the abattoir to take care of. So now, he’s destined for a life of being the alpha cow in a herd of smaller bovines.

Here’s some of the coverage hitting your screens as of today:

Moo on, Knickers.

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Image credit: ABC

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